An Enormous Milestone - 1 Billion Stamps Sold!

An Enormous Milestone - 1 Billion Stamps Sold!

Photo by José Luis Villegas Sacramento Bee fileOne of the things we enjoy most about selling Real Estate is the privilege of working with great people. Our clients are often our friends and heroes too. We work with some of the most talented and humble missionaries, nurses, service members, executors for family estates, soccer moms and entrepreneurs.

Racquetball vs. Breast Cancer

One such person is Dr. Ernie Bodie. He is one of those great people we are privileged to know and represent when buying or selling real estate in the greater Sacramento area. This quiet and unassuming racquetball friend of mine does not like me to call him Doctor (“Ernie is fine”), but he has done more for breast cancer awareness and raising money for breast cancer research than anyone else.

Breast Cancer Awareness Stamps

Ernie is the brainchild and creator of the breast cancer postage stamp and those stamps just hit an astounding milestone: 1 Billion Stamps Sold! Congratulations Dr. Bodie, it is a privilege to have you as a client and friend for the greater good.

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