Commercial FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to fill my vacancy?
It depends on how aggressive the marketing is. With the traditional "Stick a sign up and pray" method it may take as long as 2 years in the current market. However, at Tiner Properties, we have a strong marketing strategy that produces much better results. Most of our listings fill in one half to one quarter of this time, helping our owners end up with more cash in their pockets and a better return on their investment. For a better detailed list of our marketing strategies, please visit our leasing page of the owner tab on our website

How can I increase safety and security at my property?
A combination of routine inspections along with a working knowledge of health and safety codes helps to reduce liability and increase safety and security at your property. We inspect our properties a minimum of once a week to ensure a high level of heath and safety at each property. Our owners can enjoy more free time not having to inspect the properties themselves. They also enjoy freedom from constant worries like: Did a branch blow down in a storm, Did the asphalt alligator, Did a pothole occur in a bad rain, Were any roof leaks taken care of quickly? - I should probably get over to the property and make sure everything is okay. Tiner Properties takes care of these issues for our owners, so they are free to pursue their own interests.

What can I do to increase the value of my property?
The best way to achieve the maximum value is to increase income or reduce expenses. You can achieve this result by simple actions such as adding quality tenants, or negotiating pass through expenses into the leases.

How do you screen potential tenants?
We have a very thorough tenant screening process that includes reviewing credit scores, financials, trade references, criminal reports, and prior landlord references.