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  • Tiner Newsletter Nov. 2016

    Our Growing StaffTwo of our Residential Property Managers (Amber and Krystal) and one Commercial Property Manager (Julie) will all be having babies this holiday season! The residential division had a baby shower for Amber and Krystal and loaded them up with all the essentials for their first babies. This will be Julie’s third son.

  • Repair Requests For Rental Properties

    Repair Requests for Rental Properties Repairs on a rental property are the thorn in the side of Investment Home Ownership. The fear of having to contend with repairs on a property prevents many homeowners from even considering renting out their property. With the right property management team, landlords can put their fears aside.

  • Making Sense of an Unprecedented Housing Shortage

    Tiner Properties has watched the Real Estate economy cycle through 4 decades of changes and we have never seen a housing market like the one we are currently experiencing. Typically, when the sales market is hot, the rental market tends to slow down, and vice versa. Right now, both the sales and rental markets are red hot!

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    Carmichael Business of the Year

    Many of you have probably heard the name Vlade Divac before if you are from the greater Sacramento area or even a Kings fan in the slightest degree. But what you may not know is that Tiner Properties knows how to shine as well! Recently in the Carmichael area of Sac Town, Vlade, Ben Tiner and I got to shine a bright light on a few great happenings at the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year awards dinner.

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    Congratulations to Ben Tiner for earning your CCIM designation

    Congratulations to Ben Tiner for earning your CCIM designation Ben has completed and passed the certification course for his CCIM designation (Certified Commercial Investment Member). With more than 150,000 commercial real estate professionals in the United States, only an estimated 6 percent hold the CCIM designation. That’s only 1,000 CCIMs in the entire US!

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    The Best Kept Secret At Tiner Properties

    Our Sales Division Out Performs By Significant Margins The Sacramento County Association of REALTORS® Masters Club identifies the Top 10% in Sales Production within its membership. To achieve the Masters Club award, Realtors must produce at least $4.0 million in real estate sales with a minimum of eight transactions or close a minimum 20 transactions in a year. John Tiner and Jenny Hughes have exceeded this prestigious benchmark 4 times over!!

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    Rents on the Rise in Sacramento Region

    The rental market continues to do well in the Sacramento region. One person described it like this, "It is hotter than a trendy restaurant in LA and you almost have to know someone to get into the right place." The Sacramento region has seen an increase* of 7% year after year on the median monthly rent for a three-bedroom single-family home for the past 2.5 years. The monthly average is $200 more expensive than the national average according to the Real Property Management survey.

  • An Enormous Milestone - 1 Billion Stamps Sold!

    One of the things we enjoy most about selling Real Estate is the privilege of working with great people. Our clients are often our friends and heroes too. We work with some of the most talented and humble missionaries, nurses, service members, executors for family estates, soccer moms and entrepreneurs.

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    Property Owner Receives 1 Year Of Free Professional Property Management

    In 2015, Tom Dillard referred more new Property Management accounts to Tiner than all other property owners. Congratulations Tom! Tiner properties has decided to reward Tom for being our greatest ambassador for new business.

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    The Houdini of Sacramento Real Estate

    When a property owner is faced with the challenge of selling a property that has been causing them financial pain, doing so often feels as difficult as trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Where is the magic wand when you need one? One such owner that we recently helped (Allen) was amazed at how seamless and painless we made the sales process of selling 2 of his properties.

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