The Houdini of Sacramento Real Estate

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The Houdini of Sacramento Real Estate

When a property owner is faced with the challenge of selling a property that has been causing them financial pain, doing so often feels as difficult as trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Where is the magic wand when you need one? One such owner that we recently helped (Allen) was amazed at how seamless and painless we made the sales process of selling 2 of his properties. In one of our last conversations, Allen told John and Jenny,

"I call you guys 'Houdini' because in no time at all - 
you helped me escape from 2 properties I'd been trapped in!"

Highlights from our client with many underwater properties:

  • John and Jenny coordinated all the most cost effective
    repairs needed to get the highest purchase price for each
  • They received multiple offers on my underwater property
  • They communicated every step of the sales process clearly

John and Jenny have worked in the real estate sales for over 50 years combined and they use that experience to work magic without the smoke and mirrors.

Our very own "Houdini" team is ready to free you from your underwater property or properties.