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We make it simple… Really simple.

  • Property Management Agreement
  • Cancel Previous Property Management Agreement
  • Current lease agreement, walk-through report and application form (if the home is rented)
  • Name and telephone number of the current tenant (if the home is rented)
  • Supply a key to the property (if the home is vacant)

Now, you relax as we take it from here…

  • Move gas and electricity bills over into our name (in care of you).
  • Make any necessary arrangements for a gardener, until the new tenant(s) arrive.
  • Re-key the existing locks and upgrade deadbolts to the new lock codes.
  • From repairs to hauling to carpet cleaning, we’ll ready the property for re-rent.

It’s time for us to prepare. This includes:

  • A professional “For Rent” sign
  • A professional photographic record of your home for marketing on hundreds of web pages(placement on our web site which receives over 900,000 site-wide hits each year and consistently shows up on the top pages for any local rental or property management searches)
  • Placing your home on Craigslist every week until rented (we use the upgraded ads that utilize color and extra photos)
  • Utilizing a redistribution service to get your home marked on over 100 relevant rental sites all over the country. (This does not include marketing and advertising costs.)
  • Showing your property to pre-phone-qualified tenants
  • Performing thorough tenant investigations until we located a well-qualified tenant
  • Going over all lease terms and applicant qualifications with you

This means we:

  • Sign a lease agreement with the tenant, all on your behalf
  • Execute a Move-In Condition Report with your new tenant
  • Make sure utility services are canceled in plenty of time the lease’s start date

As you likely already know, there are plenty of tasks involved – and we’ve got them all covered, including:

  • Collecting monthly rent and sending you a check and an itemized monthly statement. (Do you prefer direct deposit? No problem! And no extra charge.)
  • Arranging for any necessary repairs
  • Handling tenant relations and negotiations
  • Inspecting your property when needed
  • Negotiating a new lease term when needed
  • And much more.
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Allow us (and our team of trusted independent contractors) to handle all the details of your property management in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. We’ll view your property and make a suggested list of any necessary items to get it in the best possible shape to attract high-quality tenants.

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