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8 Important Questions to Ask Sacramento Property Management Companies

Hiring a property management company to manage your rental property is a big deal.  It can ensure your investment is well-cared for, your tenants are happy, and you generate a profit.  Plus, it can relieve the day-to-day stress of managing a rental property on your own.

Finding the Best Property Management Company in Sacramento CA to Assist

This is especially true if you’re looking to grow your portfolio.

That said, knowing which property management company to hire can be tough.  There are so many property management companies in Sacramento, CA to choose from.  And if you don’t know what to look for, you might hire a company that isn’t capable of doing what you need them to do.

That’s why knowing what to ask while interviewing property management companies is so important.

Check out the top questions you should ask property management companies before making a final decision.


Questions to Ask Property Management Companies in Sacramento, CA

1. How Many Rental Properties Do You Currently Manage?

Knowing how many properties a management company handles is important.

If they manage too few rentals, they are either in a building phase or provide poor customer service.  If they manage too many properties, there’s a chance they are spreading their managers too thin.

You want to the property management company you hire to be somewhere in between.  Look for a company managing around 200-600 units.  Also, find out how long the company has been in business.  Well-established property managers with proven records are the most reliable.


Tiner Property Management has managed over 3,000 properties over the last 30 years.  We also boast an impressive 230 combined years of experience in managing rental properties.


2. What Kind of Properties Do You Manage?

There’s no sense hiring a property management company that doesn’t manage the type of property you own.

Here are the main types of properties investors tend to own:

Commercial Properties. Hotels, offices, storage facilities, and restaurants.

Industrial Properties. Research facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

Retail Properties. Grocery stores, clothing shops, and furniture outlets.

Residential Properties. Single and multi-family homes, apartments, condos, and townhomes.

The property management company you hire will depend on the type of property you own.


Tiner Property Management manages single family homes, condos, and duplexes.


3. What Property Management Services Do You Offer?

Property management services can vary.  You’ll want to ask about the services provided so you know you’ll get the what you need.

Real Estate Showing by Property Management Company in Sacramento, CA

Some of the most important property management services to look for include:

  • Aggressive marketing of vacant properties across many channels
  • Thorough tenant screening, tenant placement, and lease agreement drafting
  • Strict rent collection procedures and easy deposit of funds
  • 24/7 property maintenance and repair services
  • Routine property inspections
  • Turnkey services between tenants to make your property rent-ready
  • Detailed financial reports and accounting (monthly and annual)
  • Routine property inspections, complete with reports and photographs
  • Knowledge about landlord-tenant laws in Sacramento and eviction procedures
  • Advanced technology for managing properties
  • Superior customer service to answer all questions you and your tenants have


With Tiner Property Management, you can expect all these services and more.  Most notably, for over 30 years, 99% of all client properties managed have been eviction free.  Thanks to success-proven tenant screening, we rank #1 in placing high-quality tenants.


4. Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Before hiring a property management company, you should ask about their guarantees.  After all, you want to make sure your money isn’t lost if the company doesn’t follow through on their promises.


Tiner Property Management has an 11-month tenant guarantee.  It promises that if your tenant is evicted within 11 months of being placed, we’ll find you a new tenant at no cost to you.


5. What Kind of Technology Do You Use to Manage Properties?

Your Sacramento property management company should provide you with the best service possible.  One of the best ways to do this is to use advanced technology.

It’s also a good idea to ask if there’s a company website that you can use for things like:

  • Advertising a vacant property
  • Monitoring monthly rent payments
  • Finding information about property management services
  • Viewing satisfied client testimonials
  • Reading blog posts and articles with valuable information

Having a company website is also good for your tenants.  For example, they can find available rentals to lease.  Also, they can learn helpful tips from the blog, pay their rent, and make maintenance requests.


Tiner Property Management uses cutting edge technology to help with advertising properties and setting rent rates.  It also helps with screening tenants, collecting rent, and handling maintenance requests.


6. How Do You Set Rent Rates?

An important part of being a landlord is making a profit.  If you’re going to hire a property manager to do things like set rent rates, you’ll want to know how the rate is set.

Rental Rates with Property Management Companies in Sacramento, CA

A good property manager will perform a comparable market analysis of properties near yours to set a competitive rent rate. The key is to price your rental high enough to generate a profit, but low enough to lease quickly.


If you use Tiner Property Management, your property manager will view real rent rates of properties like yours.  This way, your investment is priced right and you maximize your revenue.  Plus, your property will lease faster.  Most Tiner Property Management properties rent within 10 days or less.


7. How Do You Collect Rent from Tenants?

It’s not enough to have a competitive rent rate for your property.  You need to make sure the property manager you hire has a consistent method for collecting rent.

Here are some things your property management company should do:

  • Outline when rent is due, how to pay, and the consequences for non-payment in the lease agreement
  • Explain to your tenants upon move-in how serious rent payment is
  • Offer many ways for your tenants to pay rent to increase the chances of timely payments
  • Record all rent payments and make those financial reports available to you
  • Start the eviction process immediately upon non-payment of rent


If you hire Tiner Property Management, you don’t need to worry about how rent will be collected.  Our AppFolio software gives tenants three convenient ways for paying: cash, e-check, or credit card.  


8. How Will I Get Paid Each Month?

You should ask about how you’ll receive payment each month.  Most property management companies in Sacramento, CA offer direct deposit.  If you want payment in another form, bring this up during the interview to make sure your needs can be met.


At Tiner Property Management, you can receive your rent via check or direct deposit.  Either way, your property manager will deliver payment quickly and securely.  You’ll also get an itemized monthly statement, so you always know where your money is being spent.


Final Thoughts

You can ask many other questions a property management company, including:

  • How much do property management services cost?
  • How do you screen potential tenants?
  • Do you perform routine property inspections?
  • How are maintenance and repairs handled?
  • What control do I have over the tenant lease agreement?
  • Are there any fees when my property is vacant?
  • Can I cancel my contract? If so, what’s the process?


Are you in need of Sacramento Property Management?  If so, contact Tiner Property Management today and see how we can help.

We’re ready to take on the headaches of having tenants and managing your property so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  From tenant screening to lease agreements, property inspections to rent collection, we’ve got you covered.  In fact, our specialty at Tiner Property Management is handling everything when it comes to property management.


9 responses to “8 Important Questions to Ask Sacramento Property Management Companies

  1. I like your advice to ask the property management company about their rent collection methods to learn how they’ll work with tenants. Asking the right questions would be important to ensure they can provide the services you’re looking for. It would also be useful to check their communication style and methods so you can find a company you can trust and are comfortable with.

  2. You made a great point about asking what properties are managed such as commercial, industrial, retail, etc. My husband owns a small office building in Lynchburg, VA and wants to get a property management service to help him manage the property. I will be sure to pass these tips onto him so he can find a professional to help him.

  3. I like your tip to ask the property management company what technology they use to manage the properties. My brother invested in a vacation home but he needs someone to take care of it in the offseason. I’ll recommend that he find a quality property management company by asking these questions.

  4. I agree that you should see if there’s a company website because that can be a really useful tool. You can see all the things you mentioned and more. Having all of that in one place is a good way to manage things better.

  5. That’s good to know that a property owner needs to make sure the property management they hire manages properties that are similar to theirs. That way, one can be sure they understand the property. It would also be smart to meet with someone in person since they should make sure they can communicate well with the management so the work will be smooth.

  6. I truly appreciate that you explained that you should ask about guarantees before you hire a property management company. My father passed away recently and he left me in charge of some residential buildings that he owned. I think it is time to find a management company that can help me take care of the residents and not be so stressed.

  7. My brother wants to purchase a house, fix it up, and then rent it out to people who need a place to stay. He is thinking that it would be a good idea to find a property manager that can help him run the rental once he has it ready. I found it interesting when you explained that it is a good idea to find a manager that utilizing advanced technology. I’ll be sure to share this information with my brother so that he can find the right person to work with.

  8. One of my old friends just bought an apartment complex and is trying to find a good project management company to help run it. I think he’d appreciate your tips to ask if the company manages or has experience in residential management, as well as what extent of technology they use such as a website with tools. I think it could be great if he could find an online property management software system to help tenants pay and communicate online with him.

  9. You mention that making sure the property management service doesn’t manage too many units. Is this to ensure that they are able to give each unit the time it deserves? If my investment property is just a single family home, would it still be beneficial to hire a property management service?

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